Vacation Home Package

A basic package will include:

  • Remote front door lock (lock, unlock, and program key pad)
  • Two cameras (one outside and one inside)
  • Temperature control
  • Two zones of lights
  • Text message notifications of entry

All controlled via smart phone or web. Total price $4995.

The only additional costs will be running cat 5 and power to the cameras and motion detectors. They can get their own contractors or we can arrange for them.

All other installation and programming are included.  Of course, this is the bare minimum package. We can add in zoned music, additional lighting control, home theater, and event programming such as turning on the exterior lights at sunset. But for less than $5k they can monitor their homes from anywhere.

THIS IS A GREAT OPORTUNITY FOR PROPERTY MANAGERS! It will allow them to arrange for maintenance and verify cleanings. It will eliminate the need for keys as the lock codes can be changed for every renter and be valid for only specified times. In other words, a cleaning company can have a unique lock code that does not expire and a text massage is sent to the property manager every time it is used. Then a renter can have a different unique code that is valid only for the dates he is renting.

There are no monthly fees with this service, only the requirement of internet service.


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